Innovative Antibacterial Protection: SynthAg Nanotechnology for Textiles and Paints

The HS4U project is a multidisciplinary initiative involving a consortium of 22 partners from 8 different countries, including the CNT Lab nanotechnology laboratory.

The project aims to evaluate existing regulations and protocols concerning maritime health and safety while optimizing ship design parameters. The recent global health crisis caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of this work. The HS4U project addresses this challenge…

CNT Lab nel progetto HS4U

The CNT Lab, in collaboration with manufacturers in the textile and paint industries, has developed innovative antibacterial coatings to tackle the problem of pathogen spread. The coatings use SynthAg technology, which is based on nanostructured silver ion clusters. These advanced solutions protect humans and animals from pathogenic flora. These guidelines primarily target cruise ship manufacturers, shipping companies, public health authorities, and the hotel industry to enhance hygiene and environmental safety.

I. Antimicrobial solutions with patented SynthAg nanotechnology for textiles:

1. Innovations in Textile Protection: The Use of Colloidal Silver Synthag.

  • SynthAg technology utilises clusters of nanostructured silver ions that remain stable and active across varying temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • Fabrics treated with SynthAg exhibit continuous antibacterial and antiviral activity over time due to the water solubility of SynthAg Colloidal Silver.
  • The released silver ions act as powerful antimicrobial agents, maintaining the hygiene of the fabric even after numerous uses and washes.
2. Applications and benefits:
  • Hospital uniforms, workwear, sportswear, and upholstery coverings, as well as non-wovens for hospitality facilities such as cruise ships and hotels, can be treated with SynthAg to provide long-lasting protection.
  • SynthAg’s antimicrobial and antiviral technology helps limit the spread of infectious agents in high-risk environments, providing unparalleled peace of mind.
  • Choosing fabric treated with SynthAg offers both comfort and protection, enhancing safety in hotel and marine environments.

II. Enamel with SynthAg nanotechnology for frequently touched surfaces:

1. Application of SynthAg nano-silver and silica in water-based paint:

  • SynthAg nano-silver technology with silica-based inorganic additives are incorporated into water paints, which release silver ions upon contact with moisture.
  • These ions limit the presence of bacteria on the surface, thereby enhancing the antimicrobial efficacy of the ‘breathing’ water paints.

2. Benefits of water-based paints:

  • The silver particles in the water-based coatings enhance their antimicrobial efficacy by facilitating interaction with bacteria.
  • The use of nano-silver and silica coatings with SynthAg technology is particularly advantageous in public places and hospitals, where hygiene control is crucial.

SynthAg nanotechnology-based antibacterial coating solutions are an innovative breakthrough in hygiene and environmental safety. They effectively reduce the possibility of infection, sanitisation costs, and chemical usage, making them a winning choice for improving human and animal welfare while protecting the environment. The CNT Lab aims to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial system and promote innovation and internationalisation of results through the application of advanced technologies in the textile and paint sectors.

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The project HS4U is an ambitious initiative involving a multidisciplinary consortium of 22 partners from 8 different countries, including our nanotechnology laboratory CNT Lab.

We invite managers of textile and water-based manufacturing companies to participate in a unique opportunity for collaboration in the field of innovation in antibacterial protection.