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About us

Tecnologia Synthag
CNT Lab: Technological Innovation for the Circulation of Antimicrobial Matrices

About us - The Nanotechnology CNT Lab is at the forefront of developing antimicrobial and antiviral solutions

CNT Lab’s Nanotechnology Laboratory specialises in producing silver-based antibacterial and antiviral colloids, as well as researching and developing innovative solutions. With an area of 500 square metres, it is one of Europe’s most important private laboratories for silver-based colloid production.

The Laboratory is equipped with six reactors for product production and testing, as well as a dedicated reactor for research and development. Our SynthAg technology allows us to create customised solutions for various applications by producing basic syntheses with advanced technical characteristics.

Laboratory testing, certification, and control.
Production and project development for product realization.

Our Project Work Process


Colloidal silver in Ag+ clusters is produced using the SynthAg system (patented) in engineered reactors.The reactors are located in individual spaces (dark booths), and the SynthAg process lasts 22 hours for 5 litres and 48 hours for 10 litres.


After completion, the synthesis is checked using a spectrophotometer.A sample is then transferred to the microbiological laboratory to verify its antimicrobial efficacy.


The administration selects the project to be implemented.The project manager develops the project outline and trains the staff for research (ingredients) and development (sample testing).The R&D lab creates the prototype,and the sampling laboratory produces a sample of the finished product.


The samples produced are sent to external laboratories for technical validationand then returned to the R&D laboratory for final inspection.

The samples produced are sent to external laboratories for technical validation

Samples are sent to the laboratory. We provide laboratory testing services to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products. We collaborate with industry companies, end customers, and sector specialists to develop customized projects and find the most suitable solutions for the specific needs of each industry sector.

We constantly research the best technological solutions, such as end-therapy for fertilisers in the agricultural sector, to meet our customers’ needs.

At CNT Lab, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative matrices. Our commitment to sustainability and safety is reflected in our strict quality control and certified processes, ensuring compliance with the highest standards. We also invest in R&D for ultimate control.

Production of antimicrobial and antiviral solutions

CNT Lab Nanotechnology is at the forefront of developing antimicrobial and antiviral solutions. Our patented SynthAg technology enables us to offer high-quality products for various industries, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our solutions. Our passion for innovation and collaboration with our customers allows us to tackle complex challenges and provide customised solutions that contribute to a healthier and safer world.

Customised solutions for various industries

From the laboratory to your company: Innovative products for pharmacy, agriculture, and other industries

From the laboratory to your company: Our main focus is the production of nanostructured colloidal silver colloids for use in pharmacy and agriculture. Our patented technology, SynthAg, allows us to synthesize silver bases with technical characteristics suitable for various industries. Our product range includes substances for pharmaceuticals, bacteriostatic matrices for agriculture, antimicrobial and water-based paints, medical devices, and products for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

Tecnologia Innovativa

Production of bacteriostatic matrices for agriculture

In the agricultural industry, our scientific research has yielded remarkable results in developing bacteriostatic solutions that enhance productivity and environmental sustainability. Our bacteriostatic matrices safeguard crops against pathogens, providing a win-win solution for farmers.


Substances for paints and water-based paints

Our partnership with the paint industry has enabled us to achieve exceptional results in producing high-performance antimicrobial paints. Our formulations are used to make surfaces and materials bacteriostatic, enhancing the hygiene and durability of finished products.

Proposte Speciali

Pharmaceutical Substances

We are active in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, developing antibacterial and bacteriostatic gels, creams, liquids, and emulsions. Our focus is on product functionality, ensuring effective solutions for our customers' needs rather than just marketing.

Customer Queries

Frequently asked questions

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The CNT LAB team comprises technicians, managers, researchers, and technical specialists with expertise in biotechnology and chemistry. They also collaborate with Italian and Russian experts.

SynthAg synthesis formula

Colloidal silver SynthAg provides a sustainable solution for sanitisation and antimicrobial protection due to its stable formulation and biodegradability.

SynthAg synthesis

Silver ion clusters, including nano sizes, can be synthesized for safety advantages.

What we do

CNT LAB provides production services, laboratory testing, project development for product realization, as well as certification and quality control

Anti-mould coating

Our scientific research has achieved exceptional levels of matrix development for durable protection against microorganisms and pathogens in paints, textiles, filters, and packaging materials.

Bacteriostatic matrices

We create bespoke SynthAg colloidal silver formulations, adjusting the concentration and delivery method to optimise results for each specific application. This guarantees the efficacy of its bacteriostatic and antimicrobial properties.

Laboratory tests

For each application, we study the optimal formulation of SynthAg colloidal silver by adjusting concentration variables using alcoholic, polymeric, and organic bases.

Our team

Scientific Management

Bruno Cantarelli

Bruno Cantarelli


Arturo Sommariva-Dottore in chimica, formulatore di nuovi nanostrutturati

Arturo Sommariva

Doctor of chemistry, formulator of new nanostructures

favikon cnt lab

Matteo Fava

Doctor of chemistry, pharmaceutical technologist