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We are a research company specializing in nanotechnology.

Our business is a subsidiary of Clusternanotech Ltd, which owns the ‘SynthAg’ process for producing colloidal nanometals.

We leverage our professionalism and experience to serve the Group and meet the market’s demand for antimicrobials across all industrial sectors.

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For each application, we study the optimal formulation of SynthAg colloidal silver by adjusting concentration variables using alcoholic, polymeric, and organic bases.

Nanostructured colloids

Our laboratory produces nanostructured colloids using SynthAg silver.

Matrices for Agriculture

Our scientific research has produced highly effective fertiliser solutions.

Substances for Paints and Wall Glazes

Our compounds have produced exceptional results for the paint and wall paint industry, particularly for hospitals and public spaces.

Pharmaceutical substances

We can process experimental pharmaceutical samples with bacteriostatic properties.

SynthAg's nanostructured silver ion cluster technology has versatile applications across various industries.

Pharmaceutical industry: The silver ion cluster is useful in producing medical devices, including catheters, bandages, gauze, and antimicrobial coatings for medical implants. Its antibacterial properties can aid in preventing infection and promoting healing.It is also used in medicine formulations.

Cosmetics: Silver ions are useful in cosmetic products like creams, lotions, and skin cleansers due to their antimicrobial properties. They can help combat bacteria and alleviate skin issues like acne.

Food industry: Silver ion clusters are utilised in the food industry to extend the shelf life of food. They can be added to food packaging or used as antimicrobial agents to reduce bacterial growth in food.

Environmental sector: Silver ions are effective in purifying water for domestic and industrial use. They eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, making drinking water safer.

Textile industry: Silver ion clusters are useful in producing antimicrobial textiles. They can be added to textile fibres to create materials that repel bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours.

Water-based coatings: Nanostructured water-based coatings can provide numerous benefits, such as antimicrobial properties, mould control, and long-term protection. These coatings are ideal for various sectors and consumers who prioritize promoting hygiene, safety, and surface durability.

Agricultural sector: Our products provide advanced solutions to improve plant health, protect crops from pathogens, and promote sustainable agriculture for farmers, specialist growers, seed producers, agricultural service providers, and agricultural research centres.

It is important to note that the use of nanostructured colloidal silver may vary depending on local regulations and specific applications. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the guidelines and laws in force in the specific sector in which you intend to use these materials.


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Thanks to our international contacts, we have been able to participate in various projects across the globe.


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Our solutions cater to functional cosmetics, veterinary and animal husbandry, functional fertilisers, bacteriostatic surfaces, enamels and paints, PET, and other areas related to human and animal health.

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    CNT Salus Mundi
    CNT Salus Mundi


    Dear CNT Lab company, We are writing to express our satisfaction with the quality of your nanostructured colloidal silver products, which we have been using in our cosmetics and animal products sectors since 2018.CNT LAB has been a valuable resource for our company, providing customised solutions and in-depth industry knowledge. Your customer service has been excellent, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail.We highly recommend CNT LAB to other companies seeking high-quality raw materials. Your expertise, reliability and commitment to excellence have provided us with added value, and we are grateful for the successful partnership we have established.Thank you for the opportunity to share our expertise. We consider CNT LAB a reliable partner for colloidal nanostructured silver raw materials.CNT Salus Mundi S.r.l. produces cosmeceuticals and medical devices.


      Roverbella (MN) - ITALY

      We are writing to express our appreciation for the products Mastercow/Salvalat received from CNT Lab for the prevention and treatment of mastitis, metritis, and wounds.We are highly satisfied with the quality and ease of use of the products, which are a testament to the high scientific and technological level of your company. Thank you for providing such excellent results. Therefore, we are pleased to further expand the distribution of your products in Europe, in addition to Italy. Therefore, we are pleased to further expand the distribution of your products in Europe, in addition to Italy. We take this opportunity to thank you and renew our esteem for your company due to the excellence of Salvalat products.


        Bussolengo (VR) - ITALY

        Dear members of the CNT Lab, I would like to express my satisfaction and appreciation for collaborating with your team of experts. Together, we have achieved important results in developing an innovative technical solution for Mal dell'esca. CNT Lab's expertise and experience in the phytoiatric field were crucial to the project's success. Thanks to your technical expertise, we have created Endovita, a unique product that improves the health of fruit plants and effectively combats Decoy Disease. I highly recommend Endovita, developed by Endofruit in collaboration with the CNT Lab, to those who wish to preserve the health of fruit plants. Your team has proven to be competent, reliable and a true contributor to innovation in the phytoiatric sector. I would like to express my gratitude to CNT Lab for their professional cooperation and dedication. I am completely satisfied with the results obtained. Best regards, Cristiano Scapini, Endofruit S.r.l.

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